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More than 350 of the best Czech hoteliers rely on Better Hotel.

With Better Hotel system, everyone can easily manage a hotel.

All-in-one system

Hotel, reservation, warehouse, restaurant and other 6 different systems in one interface, for one money, cleverly connected into a perfectly functioning whole. You control absolutely everything you need from one place.

Intuitive control and design

This will be appreciated by anyone who knows how hard it is to "find people" these days. With us, even a person with minimal experience can handle the work at the reception desk.

Customization and development

Every hotel or guest house is different. That's why Better Hotel can be set up exactly according to your preferences. Do your needs change over time? Unlike other hotel systems, Better Hotel can be quickly adapted to new requirements.

Individual customer service

The happiness of our clients is our main interest. With Better Hotel, you get your own account manager, a specialist who knows your requirements and needs and will help you with everything you need.

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Everything for accommodation management in one place

Better Hotel offers 10 different systems in one user interface, for one financial amount, with one customer support. 

For nine years we have been working to make our software simply the best. Every day our team improves its features. 

Better Hotel can adapt to your business model

Whether you are a small guest house or a chain of several hotels, our solution can adapt to you. Better Hotel's goal is to save you time and not to dictate to you what and how to do.

Get inspired by how Better Hotel can help your facility!

Contactless reception and automated hotel

With Better Hotel you can automate more than 100 different processes. Simplify your life with a modern software service, thanks to which every process runs like clockwork - from booking at the reception, through orders to the back office.


Online checkin and keys handover

Online check-in with the option of checking identity documents, payment, connection to locking systems or boxes for handing over keys, connection to check-in kiosks.

Automatic payment processing

Automatic card validation or pre-authorization and one-click payment processing.

Communication with guests

Automatic operational and marketing communication with guests via email and SMS - activated with two clicks.

Control of heating and IoT

Automatic control of heating using smart thermostats, monitoring of heat leaks, control of energy consumption and much more.

Compliance with legal obligations

Automated reporting of foreigners, generation of reports for municipal governments or statistical office in one click.

Management and planning of room cleanings

Automatic planning and management of housekeeping using a mobile application, calendar sharing, maintenance management, stuff evaluation.

Hoteliers trust us

We are perhaps not the most famous hotel system. Because we put our energy into the product rather than advertising. And that is why our customers are so satisfied with us.

Hotel Promenáda
It's great that Better Hotel can connect not only the hotel system, but also the restaurant system and connect them to each other, so we have 100% insight into the behavior and preferences of our guests.

Pavla Batrtová - manager of hotel Promenáda

Hotel Termal Mušov
I am very happy that we used the lockdown period to switch to the Better Hotel system. The system is modern, has a clear design and all the functions that are needed in modern hospitality.

Lukáš Vašíček - Manager of hotel Termal Mušov

Residence Lipno
As soon as the new Better Hotel Reservation Form was introduced, we asked to set it up on our website. Simplicity, intuitive control, clarity, loading speed and other attributes have made direct bookings much more convenient for our clients.

Václav Hobora - manager of Residence Lipno

Hotel Týnec
Customer support is undoubtedly the strongest point of the entire system. In essence, we gained another person to the team.

Václav Pošmurný – director of Hotel Týnec in Týnec nad Sázavou

Hotel Fortna
"Thanks to the Better Hotel, we save up to 160 hours of work per month."

Marie Hlinková – manager of family hotel Fortna in Chrudim

Villa Regenhart
"With Better Hotel we manage to get more than 70% of reservations directly."

Alžběta Hanáčková – business manager from the Wellness & Spa Hotel Villa Regenhart in Jeseník


Integration with the best systems

We are an open platform and offer connections to more than 180 online sales portals, accounting software, lock systems, payment systems and other services.

We are helping with the great projects creating

We map our most popular magical places for you. You will find quality services, wonderful surroundings, tradition, style, good design and excellent food.

We opened a hotel for heroes. A hotel that has rooms all over the Czech Republic & Slovakia and is paid for by good deeds.

Why to choose the Better Hotel as your hotel system?


Everything in one hotel (eco)system

Better Hotel is an ingeniously simple all-in-one system for your accommodation and catering operations. It integrates 10 different systems and thus significantly saves you costs and time.


Regular updates and development of new features

We actively listen to our clients and agilely develop new features that we release at least once every 14 days. All updates are included in the license price for our clients.


You can set up Better Hotel exactly as you need it

We appreciate the originality of different approaches to running accommodation facilities. Better Hotel is here to be your partner, not an obstacle to realizing your success.


Cloud system with access from anywhere

Better Hotel is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You don't have to worry about security, backups or updates - we will arrange everything for you.


Smart automations save your time

We believe that the vast majority of hotel management processes, and above all the reception, can be easily automated and save you and your staff tens of hours of work that you can devote to your guests.


Individual customer service

With Better Hotel, you get your own account manager who will guide you through the entire setup process and continue to be your mentor and guide. In addition, our excellent customer support is available via chat, phone or email.

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