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Whether you are a small mountain hotel or a resort, our solution will adapt to you. With us, you will find everything you are looking for in one place. 

The core of the property management system is the reception, reservation and warehouse system plus channel manager with connections to more than 160 sales portals.You will find tools for hotel marketing, your own online booking form, an advanced revenue manager for pricing and many automations for fulfilling legal obligations or for automatic communication with guests all in one place.

Our products are easy to use and look great!

Legal Obligations

All obligatory reports will be easily resolved.

Gastro System

System for restaurant, bar or café with mobile waiter application.

Reception and reservation system
- heart of your hotel

A quality property management system is the essence of the functioning of any hotel facility. We designed a simple and intuitive environment that provides a perfect overview and control of staff and management.   

The entire system is behind everything from bookings to documents, operating statistics or housekeeping planning. Of course it works fully on the cloud. Thanks to this you do not have to install anything and start everything safely even from your mobile.

Get more online reservations through portals and directly

Online reservations are now standard. That's why we're going to meet you and connect your device through our top channel manager to up to 160 portals.

Are you saying you don't want to pay high commissions? The optimized booking engine will help you. It is fully responsive and can be easily connected to a payment gateway. Simply paste it into your website and integrate with the rest of the system.

With Revenue Manager, you keep your prices firmly under control

We know that the right pricing can increase hotel sales by tens of percent, while we are aware that finding the right price is not an easy task.

With our advanced revenue management system you can do it! Farewell to blind copying of prices from the competition. With accurate data analysis, you know what to set prices - important decisions will be based on facts, not estimates.

Stay up-to-date with our detailed statistics

With a modern statistical module, you can monitor the performance of everything worth focusing on operational or financial data.

In addition, the statistics module offers analysis of basic and advanced revenue indicators - OCC, ARR, revPAR, spendPAR, pickup - to avoid wrongly set prices.

Better Hotel delivers real results. Check it yourself!

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