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Online check-in for your guests

Improve your guests' overall stay experience with our Guest Experience portal. This is the interface from which the guest can manage their booking, check in online or order a transfer.

Send guests a link to the portal automatically

Using automatic emailing, send guests a booking confirmation with a link to the guest portal automatically. You will no longer have to worry about manually confirming reservations or sending pre-arrival communication.

Self-management of the reservation from the portal

Automatic sending of a booking confirmation with a link to the portal

Clear itinerary of the stay

Extension of stay or check-in from the comfort of home

Thanks to the portal, guests can edit their reservation and order additional services at any time. At the same time, from the comfort of home, they can fill out guest registration cards using online check-in, saving time spent at reception upon arrival. 

Edit reservations easily and quickly

Online check-in speeds up check-in upon arrival

Guests can communicate directly with the reception via the portal

Have the guest pay the deposit and the entire bill before arrival

The guest experience portal is connected to the payment gateway. This will allow your guests to pay the booking bill before or during arrival. They will no longer have to worry about payment upon departure.

Guests access to the booking account

An easy way to pay down payments

Contactless settlement of a hotel bill

Simple hotel transfer order

Thanks to the transfer order module, you can offer your guests your hotel transfer immediately after confirming the reservation. Guests can order a transfer from the portal environment, for example, from the airport or railway station and use other services.

Direct transfer order by the guest

Automatic confirmation to the guest and driver

Billing together with the reservation account

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is free of charge. Immediately after signing the contract you will receive your account login information and you can start using the system immediately.

The system will start immediately, the initial setup can handle the system itself after completing the initial form. The adjustment usually takes no more than a few hours.

An unlimited number of users can work in the system anytime and anywhere, and the data is automatically stored on everyone's desktops.

Our customer service experts will be happy to answer all your questions, as well as detailed instructions in our Help Center.

“Better Hotel's reception system is one of the most reliable and most intuitive systems we have ever used. Learning new colleagues couldn't be easier! ”

Iva Civínová
Guesthouse Harmonie Žlutice

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