Case study

Hotel Fortna

Hotel Fortna is a small family hotel located in the historic center of Chrudim and offers 13 rooms in 3 categories. The hotel has a restaurant with a capacity of up to 50 people and the possibility of renting additional space. Hotel Fortna has been using the Better Hotel system since 2018.

Services this client uses

reception system, reservation system, channel manager, website, online reservation form, restaurant module with mobile waiter and more

Why did you choose the Better Hotel system?

At a time when it is very difficult to get and pay enough quality staff, we decided to solve the situation by optimizing processes using a smart system that basically works for us.
In addition to the lack of qualified staff, we were bothered by other facts. Firstly, we felt the high demands of managing reservations that we receive by email or online from reservation portals, and secondly, we wanted to get rid of the huge administrative burden associated with invoices, records for accountants and, last but not least, records for foreign police or local governments.

How fast can I start to use the system?

The implementation of the system, which we solved during full operation, took us about two weeks from the moment we were contacted through the signing of the contract to the implementation to our full satisfaction.

In which areas does Better Hotel help you the most?

  • reservation management - we were able to connect the entire capacity of the hotel to without fear of overbooking - the publication of the entire offer brought us a significant increase in occupancy, which averaged 20%
  • invoicing and accounting - the error rate in issuing invoices for the stay has been significantly reduced and we have documents for accounting of better quality and faster
  • creation and sending of mandatory reports - eg to the Aliens Police or the Czech Statistical Office
  • communication with guests before and after their stay - we used templates in several languages ​​and use the client portal, where the guest has access to their reservation, including the possibility to do online check-in

What has the Better Hotel system made possible for you?

Although the introduction of the system met our requirements to reduce the time required for administration, we did not hesitate to take advantage of other tweaks that Better Hotel offers and we decided to improve further. I will mention just a few key points that really made us very happy by launching them:

  • completely the whole statistics directly in the system - previously solved retrospectively and only to a very limited extent, now everything is up-to-date and available 24/7, which is a huge helper and "icing on the cake", which we got used to very quickly,
  • capacity overview and contact with the reception - I personally take this as a huge benefit, I can now use everything for the reception and housekeeping to arrange everything in the evening from home, including the agenda around group bookings, which also work perfectly.

In your opinion, what is the main benefit of the u system for your hotel?

Thanks to the Better Hotel, we were able to save up to 160 hours of work per month in our hotel, which is basically a time allowance for one full-time employee. Considering that we are a small family hotel with 13 rooms, I can imagine that for larger operations the savings are many times greater.

Marie Hlinková – manager of family hotel Fortna in Chrudim

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