Case study

Villa Regenhart

The four-star Wellness & Spa Hotel Villa Regenhart offers luxury accommodation in 11 rooms, 5 suites and 2 dependencies with a total capacity of 59 beds. Each room is an original, which has been furnished and equipped to measure. The hotel has a wellness area with swimming pool and sauna world. Lotta Restaurant is also available to guests.

Services used by the client

reception system, reservation system, channel manager, booking engine with payment gateway, hotel sales features for accommodation packages and many more

Why did you choose Better Hotel?

As a new hotel, we have been operating without the Better Hotel for about a year. We used a system where it was not possible to connect to the channel manager and for reservations via OTA it was necessary to constantly monitor the occupancy of the hotel, open and close rooms for sale and there was a real threat of overbooking. We were looking for a clear system that can handle the connection to the channel manager, and thus save us a lot of work.


How long does it take to get the system running?

The initial setup of the system depends a lot on the hotel as such. For example, we have many types of rooms, complex pricing and offer a large number of other hotel services.

In addition to the basic settings of the rooms and their structure in the calendar, we set up a restaurant system, cleaning module, and created a large number of items for wellness sales in the price list. It took about 14 days for the system to be fully functional. However, the basic settings for the accommodation can be set much faster and, what is the best, it is very user-friendly.


What does the system help you with the most?

We were able to automate a lot of processes that save time for both receptionists and other hotel employees. We use automatic mailing, when, for example, a few days before arrival, we send a guest a letter with an offer of other services. In addition to a personal approach to each guest, we increase our revenue. We have created templates for quick confirmation of advance payment, guests can also perform online check-in on the website - this saves us a lot of time.

What has the system made possible for you?

A huge advantage of the system is the connection of the booking engine directly to the hotel website. In addition to accommodation, it is possible to book stay packages, including other hotel services.

On a daily basis, we use clear food schedules for the restaurant section and an overview of cleaning for our housekeeping. The system automatically sends reports to the Aliens Police, can generate reports for the statistical office and the amount of recreational fees for the municipal office. We manage warehouse management in it, we evaluate sales statistics. In fact, I can no longer imagine using a different system.

In your opinion, what is the main benefit of the u system for your hotel?

Prior to the introduction, we obtained most reservations through booking. We have been working with Better Hotel for almost three years and the share of direct bookings has increased to more than 70% thanks to the booking form during that time and is still growing. The number of booked stay packages is also constantly increasing, thanks to which we sell more hotel services, including meals and wellness procedures.




Alžběta Hanáčková – business manager from the Wellness & Spa Hotel Villa Regenhart in Jeseník

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