We are Mevris
and this is our story...

Our journey began in 2014 with the idea of ​​creating a simple reservation system for a small mountain guesthouse in order to simplify life for its owners.

They could not find any suitable software solution that was flexible and affordable at the same time. The absence of a quality operating system on the market and the lack of a qualified workforce in the field meant that the agenda slowly but surely began to grow over their heads and it was necessary to look for new ways to get out of it. Even today, hospitality is constantly confronted with a growing administration and a lack of a quality workforce a nd many times, hoteliers do not have time to devote to their guests and improve their services.

Since the beginning, we have therefore wanted to go against established stereotypes and do things differently - simply and deftly. We wanted to create a product that will not only show the owners numbers and names, but will actively save as much valuable time as possible. We were able to automate or simplify all time-consuming and repetitive processes using modern technologies. For example, we created the whole system in the cloud from the beginning so that everything could be easily managed from anywhere and from any device.

And so the Better Hotel was created - an innovative solution that allows carefree management of each accommodation facility.

After almost ten years, much has changed. From one person, our team has gradually grown to many talented and passionate people. However, our mission remains the same: We still want to make life easier for hoteliers.

We carefully listen to the needs of clients and their guests. In cooperation with them, we are constantly improving the system and adding new functions to it. Thanks to this, the Better Hotel system today facilitates the work of more than two thousand users in four countries around the world.

Our vision is a smart hotel. It is a hotel that manages itself with the help of technology. A hotel that will not require 100% attention and is immune to human error. A hotel that can anticipate the needs of clients and can offer a top guest experience.

A smart hotel is a concept that allows hoteliers to finally focus on what is really important...

Meet our team

Martin Blažek

Founder & CEO
Martin dohlíží na řízení a vývoj všech našich produktů. A když zrovna neřeší vývoj nových funkci, leze po skále nebo sjíždí řeku na kajaku.

Kateřina Vejdová

Sales manager
Kateřina je první z nás, s kým se setkáte. Jejím úkolem je postarat se o to, abyste zvolili tu správnou kombinaci našich služeb. Ráda sportuje a poznává nová místa.

Ludmila Faltusová

Projects & Communication

Ludmila pečuje o naše klienty a komunikuje s nimi novinky a změny v systému. Mimo to také organizuje akce, na kterých se s námi můžete potkat. Ve volném čase sportuje a chodí po horách.

Martina Lichorobiecová

Foreign markets manager

Martina is an experienced manager who is in charge of our foreign activities. She prefers to dedicate her time to family and modern gastronomy.

Karel Nagy

Head back-end developer

Karel is a great developer and database specialist. He spends his free time with family and by doing sports.

Radim Horníček

Head front-end developer

Radim je náš odborník na frontend. Když zrovna neprogramuje, věnuje se své druhé vášni a tou je jeho moravský vinohrad.

Michaela Kalistová

Customer care specialist

You will be in contact with Michaela whenever you need advice. In her free time, she enjoys sports, singing and fashion.

Do Hoai Nam


Nam se stará o vše, co má dočinění s dobrým designem. Mezi jeho zájmy patří umění a gastronomie.

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