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Statistical module with detailed reports

Sufficient information is the basis of every decision. You will be provided with a clear statistical module in the Better Hotel. We process all data stored in the system into reports and analyzes, which you have available at any time. You will get an unsuspected insight into the functioning of your accommodation facility.

All income data is clear and understandable

With the help of the statistical module you can monitor all performance indicators and the economic outlook of your operation for the next period. With the help of clear graphs, you will see at a glance the days when you are doing well and the days when you still need to add.

Brief and detailed performance reports

Comparison of performances with the previous period

Attractive graphical display of data

With us you can watch everything that is worth your attention

Statistics don't have to be just about finances. Better Hotel monitors all relevant data related to the accommodation facility. You can monitor occupancy statistics, demand development, but also, for example, the use of stay packages or find out where guests come to you the most.

Statistics and development of accommodation capacity performance indicators

Performances by agencies, by sources, by room type

Segmentation of guests within statistics

Professional revenue analysis

For more demanding users, the Better Hotel statistical module is equipped with professional revenue analyzes such as SPIT, PACE or On the Book. These analyzes are part of the equipment of every professional revenue manager, who evaluates the movement of individual indicators on a daily basis. Thanks to the Better Hotel, you can also use them at any time. Deciding on prices has never been easier.

Interactive dynamic heatmaps

Comparison of indicators between individual types of accommodation

Analyze clearly and in context with other data

Customize statistical reports according to your needs

You can customize all statistical reports using filters. You can monitor the statistics and performance of the selected agency for the last two months or the development of prices for a certain type of rooms in the last year. In addition, you can save these filters to your account for quick re-use. Of course, data export to spreadsheet formats. 

Easy data filtering

Possibility to save an unlimited number of own reports

Report exports

Frequently Asked Questions

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An unlimited number of users can work in the system anytime and anywhere, and the data is automatically stored on everyone's desktops.

Our customer service experts will be happy to answer all your questions, as well as detailed instructions in our Help Center.

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