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Modern hotel website for more direct bookings

Do you want to improve the first impression of guests, increase the number of direct bookings and save on commission costs? Try new web solutions tailored to the accommodation!

More direct bookings and lower commissions

A quality website improves the proportion of direct bookings at the expense of those made through booking portals. 

Our web solutions are designed with an emphasis on maximum conversion, ie success with potential guests. We have verified that with our booking engine you will increase direct bookings by up to 100%.

Modern design website

Booking engine with payment gateway and connection to the hotel system

Sale of gift vouchers with connection to the hotel system for their administration

Create content. We will build the website and take care of all technicalities!

You send us texts and photos - we will take care of the creation of the website and everything else. You will receive a ready-made website with instructions on how to further adapt it to your needs and how to easily change the content. 

You no longer have to call programmers due to typos or changes to your restaurant's menu. What's more, you don't even care about hosting, security and updates.

We will create the website from A to Z

We will take care of security and system updates

Easy administration of dynamic content

Modern website from a template - an affordable solution for your hotel

In cooperation with the owners of hotels, guesthouses and apartment houses, we have created a number of modern templates that address any specific needs of each type of facility. Choose the one that will suit your style, focus and target group.

Well-arranged offer of your accommodation capacities

Sale of stay packages in connection with your services

Regular news and events for your guests

Examples of our websites

Hotel Fortna
Apartmány Vlčice
Hotel Veveří
Hotel Kozák
Hausbot Laura
Kampa Residence

Why choose our website?


Quality security


Connection to marketing tools


Perfektní zobrazení


Professional support


First-class hosting


Speed optimization

Fair prices

You only pay 14 EUR per month for the website without VAT.

The price includes web hosting, technical security and access to the web administration, where you can easily edit the content of your website.

Website Hotel

Tvorba webových stránek, naplnění obsahem, optimalizace pro webové vyhledávače

Od 33 000 Kč bez DPH

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