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Financial and cash module

Thanks to the financial module in the Better Hotel, you have everything you need to manage the finances of your accommodation. Issue and register documents, keep multiple cash registers in different currencies and exchange money according to the current exchange rate. The connection to the electronic sales registration system is a matter of course.

You will issue documents for accommodation and retail sales

With the financial module, you can issue documents for accommodation services as well as for small cash sales. You can have different number series of documents for different workplaces. The system archives all documents and will always be available for retrospective inspection. You can easily download, print or send documents to the guest from the system environment.

Number series for different types of documents

Document printing, export to PDF and sending to email

Unlimited archiving of all issued documents

Management and closing of several cash registers in different currencies

With Better Hotel you can have an unlimited number of cash registers in any currency. The financial module is also equipped with an exchange office for easy currency exchange. For better control, every change in the cash register is recorded.

Unlimited number of cash registers

Tracking movement at the box office

Currency exchange with current rates

Automatic download of payments and card verification

With a connection to the Braintree payment gateway, you can use the automated processing of your transactions on guest cards in the Better Hotel system - payment card verification, pre-authorization, deduction of the deposit or final payment, you can do it all with one click. No more entering cards on the physical terminal.

Fast card verification

Pre-authorization automation

Download down payments and final payments automatically

Electronic records of sales as a matter of course

You don't have to buy any extra solutions for EET. Better Hotel can handle everything on its own. In addition, we will connect you for free. Each document will be sent for you by the system as if you had an EET cash register.

Complete solution for EET

Without purchasing expensive hardware

Connection assistance and free service

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is free of charge. Immediately after signing the contract you will receive your account login information and you can start using the system immediately.

The system will start immediately, the initial setup can handle the system itself after completing the initial form. The adjustment usually takes no more than a few hours.

An unlimited number of users can work in the system anytime and anywhere, and the data is automatically stored on everyone's desktops.

Our customer service experts will be happy to answer all your questions, as well as detailed instructions in our Help Center.

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