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Booking Engine
with payment gateway

Are you looking for a way to save at least part of the high commissions of sales portals? Do you need an online booking form for your website, where you can offer the most favorable conditions and allow your guests to make and pay for their reservation directly? Try our booking engine - the easiest way to make your direct reservations.

The easiest way to direct reservations

All you have to do to activate it is to insert a piece of code into your site and activate online sales. The room names, their furnishings and photos are automatically displayed. Prices, restrictions and current capacity are automatically synchronized. When a guest makes a reservation, the booking is credited to the stepladder and comes from the notification system.

Easy booking engine activation on your website

Manage room details, including photos, from one locationa

Automatic price, restriction and availability synchronization

Booking engine that looks great on any device

People are increasingly using their mobile phones to plan holidays and book accommodation. That's why we've optimized the booking engine to make sure it works great on both the smallest phones and the desktop. Thanks to this, you won't miss a single reservation or a single guest.

Load speed optimization

The best display on mobile, tablet and computer

Modern and fresh design

Stay packages - guests came to you not only for accommodation

Create your own stay packages and use them for upselling of your additional services. Entice guests to book their stay directly on your website and return again next time thanks to a special offer that you send them with a link to your website.

Stay packages and sale of extra services

Discount coupons and statistics of their use

Special prices and an unlimited number of rates in the price list

Payment by card as a logical end to an online reservation

Thanks to the connection to the front payment gateways, you can let guests pay for the entire stay and the deposit for booking online. Everything is then automatically synchronized to the reservation in the system.

Payment online through a payment gateway is secure, convenient and fast. Offer guests this option as well.

Connection to the most used payment gateways available

Customer support when connecting

Smooth booking process with maximum conversion rate

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation is free of charge. Immediately after signing the contract you will receive your account login information and you can start using the system immediately.

The system will start immediately, the initial setup can handle the system itself after completing the initial form. The adjustment usually takes no more than a few hours.

An unlimited number of users can work in the system anytime and anywhere, and the data is automatically stored on everyone's desktops.

Our customer service experts will be happy to answer all your questions, as well as detailed instructions in our Help Center.

“Better Hotel's reception system is one of the most reliable and most intuitive systems we have ever used. Learning new colleagues couldn't be easier! ”

Iva Civínová
Guesthouse Harmonie Žlutice

Smart solutions tailored for your business

Whether you are a small guesthouse or a network of several hotels, our solutions will adapt to you. Find out how Mevris systems can help your business!

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