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Automated Emailing and SMS sending

Integrated emailing with automation can plan and process up to 70% of email communication with guests for you, which consists of pre-arrival, operational and marketing emails. Take advantage of advanced system features and save hours of time.

Send guests a prompt for online check-in automatically

Thanks to the automatic sending of emails and SMS, you will no longer have to worry about manually confirming reservations or sending pre-arrival communications.

Full-featured email client and SMS module as part of the system

Advanced email formatting with code editing capabilities

Emailing and SMS module linked to hotel reservations and workflow

Contact guests automatically and in advance in advance

Each guest is unique and deserves a personal approach and welcome. Thanks to operational and pre-arrival campaigns, you can set up a complete set of templates for automatic emailing from booking confirmation to practical information a few days before arrival - for example, a person before arrival can send a personalized welcome email with stay information and an online check-in invitation.

Automatic confirmation of the reservation, sending a deposit slip and other operational communications

Proměnné hodnoty pro personalizaci emailové a SMS šablony

Automatically generated prints and the possibility of using your own email attachment

Automatic email marketing = effective upselling

With the help of e-mail and SMS module, you can offer your guests a range of other services that will diversify their stay and bring you a higher income when booking. You can prepare these emails and schedule them to be sent at the right time before arrival.

Custom email campaign design

Sending and managing discount coupons directly from the system

Monitor the performance of active campaigns

Guest segmentation and precise targeting as the basis of success

Only send guests emails that make sense and only when it's really worth it. Thanks to the extensive database that the system has available in the system about your guests, you have a unique opportunity to perfectly target your emails. Prepare campaigns tailored to your guests and be the first to wish them a birthday.

Tools for segmenting contacts of guests and companies

Target by segment, gender, age, or spend

Personalized salutation in the campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

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An unlimited number of users can work in the system anytime and anywhere, and the data is automatically stored on everyone's desktops.

Our customer service experts will be happy to answer all your questions, as well as detailed instructions in our Help Center.

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